"A New Way of Doing Things..."

GPHI's mission is to deliver support that is based on social responsibility ethos; in other words, support individuals and communities by giving them the tools to help themselves!


Global Public Health Innovations (GPHI) delivers services that aim to meet social responsibility goals with tangible and measurable outcomes. While our efforts may appear similar to other assistance organization efforts, they are fundamentally different in approach and goals. Despite extensive evidence to the contrary, many assistance and development efforts are founded on the idea, and practiced on the basis, that the very presence of the assistance organization is beneficial, and that the target population is powerless. In addition, traditional assistance does not usually leave behind sustainable changes within the community once the assistance is discontinued.

GPHI seeks to empower individuals and the community and enhance the standard of living through capacity building interventions which have visible measurable and long-term sustainable impacts that are validated in periodic evaluations. GPHI is not only interested in helping communities, but also in seeing progress that directly benefits the entire community. The interventions are based on solid public health principles and provide holistic support to individuals and whole communities. As a result:

  • Individual and community needs, interests, integrity and safety are principal concerns.
  • Side-by-side consultation services are delivered in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Quality, reliability and innovation are critical to all programs.
  • Confidentiality and minimum negative impact are ensured - ethical and operational guidelines lead our work.

Evidence-Based Approach

GPHI uses a social-ecological model with evidence-based intervention strategies designed for use in multiple level settings to address preventable public health problems. Evidence-based public health practices utilize the best available scientific knowledge as the foundation for public health-related decision making. Evidence-based interventions (EBI’s) are science based and proven effective through research studies that showed positive health outcomes. There are three levels of EBI’s – individual (one-to-one), group (family, social group, etc.) and community (geographic, race, ethnicity, gender, workplace, etc.).