"A New Way of Doing Things…"

Experience a nutrition innovation that not only addresses diet, but also dietary behavior and body shape and image.

360° Nutrition Innovations

Global Public Health Innovations (GPHI) 360° Nutrition Innovations supports people in changing their eating habits and lifestyles, so they can lead healthier and happier lives! Each client is given personal and individual attention designed to meet their specific needs. This nutrition innovation intervention can be accessed by individuals (one-to-one), groups (families, social groups, etc.) or communities (workplaces, fitness centers, etc.).

Dr. Sharon Marie Lund, Ph.D., is an experienced nutritional epidemiologist who has dedicated years to improving quality of life through studying people’s behavior and supporting them to make small behavior changes that lead to healthier lifestyles. Dr. Lund is committed to working with clients to find ways to meet their needs while respecting their individuality.

Dr. Lund analyzes the client’s current diet and provides solid, well researched, feedback to empower clients to make healthy lifestyle changes. She stays with the client through the process of slowly changing habits. She gives clients personally designed assessments and tips.

GPHI's 360° Nutrition Innovations is not like other interventions! It is simple and empowers clients to take control of their own lives. It is a new way of doing things and life changing. It enables clients to harness a new way of thinking. The multi-step program creates a diet clients can maintain and helps them change their behavior, body shape and image.

Each client receives a personal profile based on information they provide. GPHI stores this information in the client's individual account and is updated and trended over time as the client continues to provide diet intake and diet behaviors. This provides the client with an accessible record of their journey towards better health and longevity through improving their diet!