"A New Way of Doing Things…"

"There can be no peace as long as there is grinding poverty, social injustice, inequality, oppression, environmental degradation, and as long as the weak and small continue to be trodden by the mighty and powerful." (Dalai Lama, 1935)

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." (T. S. Eliot, 1931)

GPHI's Social Responsibility Services

Global Public Health Innovations (GPHI) is committed to partnering and contracting with national and international corporations, organizations (e.g., CBO's and NGO's), governments, and foundations to add measurable value to their social responsibility projects. GPHI's efforts are based on the idea that these collaborations will expand and improve the quality of the projects. Therefore, our services provide tangible value to our clients through innovative social responsibility solutions.

Our services include designing social responsibility initiatives, and updating and reformulating existing projects. We help our clients improve their social responsibility images with efforts that provide measurable outcomes that are profitable both financially and socially. GPHI provides these services through 360° Innovations, which include 360° Nutrition Innovations (for individuals, groups and communities); and 360° Village Innovations and 360° Urban Innovations (baseline assessments, capacity and vulnerability assessments, community training and capacity building, relationship management projects and support).

If your corporation, organization, government, or foundation has a social responsibility project, GPHI wants to partner with you to improve your outcomes. Please contact GPHI to discuss your options.